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The Chronicles of Cyber Shock

First off i would like to say that i had no idea where else i could do this. I would have much preferred to send Cryptic or Atari an email with the details of my plan but considering I couldn't find a way to do that, here i am.

I am pretty sure that most people (that play computer games) have seen the online Series of Red Vs Blue by Rooster Teeth using the Halo games.

If not, go watch them, They are awesome!

I would like to do a slimier thing using Champions Online Gold.

I do not know how legal this is (meaning if you will allow me to do it) but I can only see this ending positively for you guys and considering I don't have a life time Subscription you guys should make a lot of money form me (but if I could get my hands on one of those Life time Subscriptions that would be awesome).

Please can someone get back to me on this because I cant wait to start filming(Champions Gold).


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