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Crystal Saga: New Beta Served Launched for Testers

R2Games is rising to meet player demand and has recently launched a brand new Open Beta testing server. This new server is to help with the load of players who are participating in this stage of the free-to-play game’s development and offers all the standard fare of the original servers. 

Crystal Saga An eighth server for the Open Beta testing phase of Crystal Saga, Kaspaya Beach, has been launched by publishers R2Games. This is in order to help with the demand of players wanting to participate in this stage of the testing and is open to anyone and everyone.

Much like the original servers which went live for Crystal Saga, this new server will also have events and activities in which players can partake. These give the testers of the free-to-play MMORPG a chance to relax from the rigors of questing and fighting monsters, (Crystal Saga Gold)all while giving them the opportunity to win something as well!

Crystal Saga is a free-to-play MMORPG which lets you explore and experience a fantasy world full of danger and intrigue. Master one or all of five playable classes as you complete quests and challenge the monsters strewn throughout the world. Become the hero everyone is waiting for in the world of Vidalia.

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