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DD Tank browser game

Free-to-play game juggernaut Aeria Games released DD Tank in North America. This browser-based 2-D artillery shooter features ferociously adorable characters, big weapons, and varied maps in an easy-to-play format that requires no downloads or subscriptions. 

Firing a weapon in DDTank is an exercise in virtual physics. Unlike real-world physics, though, the game’s interface makes aiming and firing simple. Turn-based firing means that players will be able to walk away from matches as needed, making DDTank friendlier for busy people. Lively animation and colorful cartoonish backgrounds add to the game’s appeal.

DDTank features an Adventure mode that lets players group up to take on bosses and a Sports mode that allows players to pit their skills against one another. As weapons fly and hit the ground, they leave craters, changing the maps as players work their way through them. Changing maps force gamers to alter their firing trajectories, making each round unique and keeping DDTank fresh round after round.

A range of character customization options, crafting skills, (DD Tank Gold)and new outfits to buy keep DDTank intriguing even outside of combat. Cute and colorful, DDTank is completely family-friendly; even direct hits on other players are comical rather than gruesome.

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