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MMO Browser Title DDTank Launches New Dragons Lair Patch

Shanghai, CHINA - YooGames, a publisher of web-based interactive entertainment for the global market, has announced the launch of the newest expansion for its free to play MMO browser game, DD Tank, patch 2.6: Dragon's Lair.

"YooGames' DDTank is the first in the world to receive the 2.6 patch, and we're proud to be on the cutting edge of the wants and needs of our players," Hugo Jiang, operating VP on DDTank at YooGames. "Whether your favorite past time is beating up dragons, primping in front of the mirror, or proving you're popular by sending and receiving gifts, Dragon's Lair provides a bit of something for every player type."

Starting today, players will have an extended DDTank(DD Tank Gold) world to explore. Among the newest highlights includes the highly anticipated maximum level increase: diligent tankers can now reach the lofty goal of level 50! Though the road leading to this new max level will be difficult, players who strive to be the best will be rewarded handsomely.

Also a part of the 2.6 patch is, just as the name implies, the Dragon's Lair! The citizens of the DDTank world have been anxiously awaiting a brave party of heroes who could take down the earth-quaking power of the dragon lord. Challenge this mighty boss for the shining treasure he guards and be the first to boast of your new amazing equipment.

Feel the need to express yourself in a different way? Dragon's Lair brings to the players a whole slew of new costumes, including general looks like sporty or elegant, as well as themed looks including famous trendsetter Lady Gaga. Combine together multiple looks for a truly retro style, dress like a queen, and strut your stuff in the DDTank world.

DDTank is a cute free to play MMO browser game, with no need for any downloads. With simple keyboard operations that are a breeze to learn, a player can fight alongside or even against friends. With no end in sight to the fun of explosions, players can dress up both their tanks and themselves,with a great number of costumes in shops to customize your character with various cool outfits.

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