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HiThere.com DDTank Launched

We are proud to announce that the worldwide phenomenon DD Tank is coming to HiThere.com. DD Tank is a fun, stylish, multi-player browser game. Inspired by the classic Worms, the game is a blast, quite literally, to play. There is no need to download, just register, log-in and play. 

From the get-go you can jump in and battle players from around the world. With intuitive game play anyone can pick up the game easily. Come see what all the fuss!

Challenge your friends to a fight and experience the fun of beating them silty. A huge amount of accessories and clothing allows an almost unlimited amount of customization. DDTank features fun fights and great animations. It has a perfect combination of style, music and gameplay.

Features(DD Tank Gold):

Family-friendly, Cartoon Warfare: Lighthearted fun that is fun for everyone to play not just hardcore gamers.
An Unbelievable Variety of Items, Weapons, and Clothing: It’ll be a long time before you see how much the game has to offer you.
In-Game Marriages: Players can “partner-up” for life or until they get tired of each other. Get married to other players in the game, for unique benefits.
Come give it a try, we know you’ll have a great time. You have to see it to believe it.

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