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Against a TB summoner

summoners are really easy since they do not have any Elsword Gold speed buffs at all and super low defense. Against twin blade what you want to do is start off with in-timid flash (you can actually start casting in-timid flash before the PVP actually starts) then start doing our 81 and 51 lightning then do infernal pillar.

You follow up infernal pillar with gracious eddy and start to hit him with our 51 abilities till in-timid flash is ready for use(Elsword ED).

Now if the twin blade summoner starts running what you want to do is first do gracious eddy then do in-timid flash first. (You do not have to start off with in-timid flash. You can do the same routine as you do against AK's and till work). Their summons really won’t do much against you.

Against a Staff Summoner: these guys will be just as easy as TB summoners. Since they have low Elsword Gold any move u will do will most def knock them back unless they got lots of resistance?

What you do is start off a little way off from them. Their summon will start coming at you and what you should do is just use our infernal pillar to be back up close(Elsword Gold).


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