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Elsword: Manga-Style Side Scroller Goes into Open Beta

Elsword, the first free-to-play MMORPG from publishers Kill3rCombo. Inspired by Manga, the MMORPG is now in the Open Beta testing phase and anyone can join in the fun.Elsword ED) kicked off today. The..


Animation Action MMO Elsword Introduction

Elsword is a new cartoon-style Action MMO! Elsword was alread published in HK and TW by Gamania and it will come to Europe soon!


Animation Action MMO Elsword Preview: Smart PvP Mode

Elsword will kick off in Taiwan, with three in-game playable classes: Swordsman, Archer and Mage unveiled for the first time and its official website will also be released soon.Elsword ED depicts the ..


Trials of Elsword launches on Facebook

Elsword, the Facebook game that lets you interact with Elsword even when you cannot be in the game.Elsword ED)while also maintaining Elswords manga aesthetic,said Ben Colayco, CEO of Kill3rCombo. By o..


Against a TB summoner

Elsword ED).Elsword Gold).


Elsword: Manga Platforming Perfection 1

Elsword Online is a free-to-play, two dimensional side scrolling MMORPG. Elsword is a very popular Asian game developed by the South Korean company KOG Studios. It has now come to the US and I will be..


Elsword: Closed Beta Impressions

Elsword. For those that dont already know, Elsword is the spiritual sequel of Grand Chase. Elsword promises to feature fast and easy arcade action, off-the-wall anime and manga visuals, RPG elements a..