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Trials of Elsword launches on Facebook

Today Kill3r Combo released Trials of Elsword, the Facebook game that lets you interact with Elsword even when you cannot be in the game. 

Trials of Elsword allows players on Facebook to battle their way through challenging adventures for bonuses they can carry over to the PC version. Trials of Elsword players select from two gameplay modes: storybook mode or challenge mode. Storybook mode affords the opportunity to play increasingly difficult levels and unlock additional characters by inviting friends, while challenge mode unleashes a fierce battle among Facebook friends to reach the top of the leader board. For those who accept the challenge, Trials of Elsword offers the incentive of collectable items redeemable in the larger Elsword online game.

This has got to be one of the best ideas for promoting an MMO since the WoW Mountain Dew. Getting a chance to play a highly anticipated MMO before it launches is brilliant, even if it is limited in its functionality. So many people spend their workday in Facebook anyway, why not spend your time grinding currency for the game you'll play when you get home?

"We wanted to provide players with the fast-paced and engaging gameplay style they have come to expect from social network games, (Elsword ED)while also maintaining Elsword's manga aesthetic,"said Ben Colayco, CEO of Kill3rCombo. "By offering players the incentive of redeemable items upon completion of Trials of Elsword, we hope that the app will not only excite potential Elsword players, but also serve as a sample of what to expect in the larger client."

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