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Eudemons Online Year-End EP Hunt

Players in Eudemons Online are now expecting the appearance of Sky Park! During that time, you can enter the park and try your best to collect as many EPs as you can! This is far different from any other EP Drop we've held, so let's check out the 5 big advantages of this event!

You don't need to kill any monsters and see whether they will drop EPs or not. This garden will offer you treasure boxes, one box for at least 25 EPs. You don't need to waste any time getting right down into those EPs!

In the former EP Drop events, the number of monsters is unlimited, so you wouldn't care about them going away. That makes the competition pointless, as you can earn EPs at any time. But this time, if you are not swift enough, you just might leave the park with nothing but tears. There is no such thing as free lunch, Eudemons Online Gold so it's time to stop your daydreaming of a pack of monsters carrying a trove of EPs and dropping them in your lap!

Did you find it difficult to search for monsters and gather your EPs? Did you get killed by higher powered players while you were trying to kill monsters? Did you feel frustrated that some players cast their divine skills and rush your prize? In Sky Park, those worries are a thing of the past! Everyone should count on themselves, as the specially designed park disables any privileges that might make the hunting unfair(Eudemons Points).


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