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The Strongest Vampire in Eudemons Online

Eudemons Online has just released a new expansion, the Edge of Night. As this expansion came out, the new Vampire class joined in, making this hot summer even hotter! 

Since Vampires are quite popular in many movies and novels, they still play a favorable role as they make their way into MMO games. You can see hundreds of Vampires going in and out of Cronus with their dark Eudemons and blue flaming horses, and there are more and more Vampires joining in, every single day. Most of them are coming for an exciting event, the Blood Soul Star Contest! This contest is specially held for vampires, aiming to find out who is the final strongest vampire in the land!

What is the Blood Soul?

One special feature about the Vampire class is that they are born to converge with a Eudemon, called a Blood Soul, which is quite different from other classes and unprecedented in MMO history. In Eudemons Online, the Vampire is a class, while at the same time, it's a Eudemon, too. Their Blood Soul grows inside, (Eudemons Online Gold)and is the most important attribute of the Vampire. Leveling up the Blood Soul is the only way to make your Vampire strong, and the crucial part in this contest.

Level up the Blood Soul - Sacrifice

The only way to level up the Blood Soul is by performing sacrifices to it. The Sacrifice System is a new Evolution System for pets in Eudemons Online. As Eudemons Online is most famous for its Pet System, the TQ team is always trying to add some novel ideas into the system, making it fresh and fun. This Sacrifice System is based on players' gaming experience. TQ has made it much more convenient and faster to progress. So while you're leveling up the Eudemon Blood Soul, you're making your Vampire stronger, as well.

As the Fourth class in Eudemons Online, the Vampire has absorbed many good points from the other three classes, which make it a perfect combination of strong melee combat and magical support. It has great potential for both PvP and team play. With so many advantages in-game, the Vampire is definitely a must-try class. Will you be the strongest Vampire? Create your own Vampire character, and join in the exciting contest in Eudemons Online!


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