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Mage uses magical skills to attack

Eudemons Online Gold):MageEudemon5 + MageEudemon5WarriorEudemon6 + WarriorEudemon6 (conbime with it to get more defense and hp)MageEudemon7 (teach it Rage when it reaches third form, it will increase ..


Eudemons Online New Expansion Vampire Skills Screenshots

Eudemons Online will release its new expansion, Edge of Night! The long-expected Vampire class is almost here, bringing new pets, new weapons, and a new Sacrifice system, and all aiming to bring you a..


The Strongest Vampire in Eudemons Online

Eudemons Online has just released a new expansion, the Edge of Night. As this expansion came out, the new Vampire class joined in, making this hot summer even hotter!Eudemons Online Gold)and is the mo..


Eudemons Online Year-End EP Hunt

Eudemons Online are now expecting the appearance of Sky Park! During that time, you can enter the park and try your best to collect as many EPs as you can! This is far different from any other EP Drop..


Eudemons Edge of Night Expansion Review

Eudemons Online is a game developed by TQ Digital Entertainment. The playstyle behind it will immediately feel familiar for gamers that have tried TQs other flagship game, Conquer Online. As a free st..


Eudemons Online Asks What Makes a Good Holiday Festival

Eudemons Online Gold has just brought up the Chinese Lantern Festival event. This festival is also known as the Yuan Xiao Festival, and is celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month of each y..