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Fallen Earth Announces Interactive Facebook Application

Fallen Earth, LLC and Icarus Studios, Inc., developers of the self-titled massively multiplayer online game , today announced the development of an interactive Fallen Earth Facebook application, Falle..


Keeping Orcs Busy

Fallen Earth Gold obvious prototype of Goblinoball is football, kicking a ball against a team of opposing players with the aim of scoring a goal in a net. Orcs are more similar to football fans though..


Fallen Earth Hosts Shamrock Shindig

Fallen Earth development team has decided to host a month-long Shamrock Shindig, partnering with MMORPG.com to offer free copies of the game, in-game events, prizes and a 50 percent off discount on th..


Fallen Earth: share with you

Fallen Earth Gold, the first is to play the game late, and the second is the practice for several number, three of them would prefer roaming the land do not pay attention upgrade also like dim sum met..


Fallen Earth Review - The Post-Apocalyptic Sandbox MMO 1

Fallen Earth, and now we just have to survive it.Fallen Earth Gold seems to have slipped under the radar of many.Fallen Earth Gold is unusual in MMO circles in its method of combat - instead of target..


Fallen Earth: Facebook Spotlight on Recruiting Clans

Fallen Earth has seemingly vanished just as suddenly as it appeared, and the all too familiar tensions and conflicts have returned.Throughout the month of January Fallen Earth Gold will be showcasing ..