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Fallen Earth: Facebook Spotlight on Recruiting Clans

The holidays are all over. The festive spirit going in Fallen Earth has seemingly vanished just as suddenly as it appeared, and the all too familiar tensions and conflicts have returned.

Clans from all over Grand Canyon Province are ramping up their recruitment efforts in anticipation for a new year that is guaranteed to be full of violence and destruction.

Fallen Earth - Many clans are recruiting but this one doesn't seem very friendly

Throughout the month of January Fallen Earth Gold will be showcasing the various recruiting clans throughout the wasteland, so be sure to visit the Fallen Earth Facebook page for the featured clan of the day!


First clan up goes by the name “THE ROAMERS,” a group of German speaking role players. Naturally they are Traveler oriented, but have no faction restrictions besides those Lightbearers! If this sounds like your future clan,.

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