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Keeping Orcs Busy

The Fallen Earth Gold obvious prototype of Goblinoball is football, kicking a ball against a team of opposing players with the aim of scoring a goal in a net. Orcs are more similar to football fans though, than professional football players. Like any sports fans across Europe or Russia, they have space to play, the proper equipment, and the desire to compete against each other. Goblinoball players and fans shout, wear facial tattoos to show their allegiance to their local team, they even have a special Orc hymn dedicated to the sport. This dedication means they have no time for culture or religion in their lives. They like two things. Fighting and Goblinoball; The sport that unites their race in the absence of any coherent government or grand plan. 

The name Goblinoball consists of two words, just like football. The obvious picture is correct; Orcs use goblins as a ball. If you have read up on the introduction to the Orc race, they view Goblins as beneath them. Goblins are round, elastic, and Fallen Earth Gold small enough to be a ball. Watching Goblins getting kicked around the place for entertainment keeps the fans riveted.

Like many things in Orcish culture, the rules are simple and easy. Turn up, face another team and Fallen Earth Gold try and humiliate them in front of their fans. All the Orc tribes have their own Goblinoball team, which they enter into regular competitions for a chance to reach the Fallen Earth Gold Goblinoball Championship.

Without formal legal or judicial systems in place, the Orcs have chosen to settle their differences through sport on the Fallen Earth Gold Goblinoball field. The best teams become idols to their own tribes, as well as stars to the broader Orc population. Regular championships take place, ensuring that tribes are regularly socializing and interacting with each other, and top teams participate in serious competitions to earn kudos for their tribes... then there's the fighting that occurs on and off the pitch, a bonus in every Orc's opinion.

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