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Fiesta 1-40 grade small experience

1 ~ 17 ~ because the game is just getting the card not work (again, under BS fiercely luminous flux of the server) fiesta gold, so these levels are a hard chop up, but the task can grab the best pre-King King of the task through the upgrade, it is also very Fast

After 17 to Eidelin the city, and continue to go there fiesta gold, then Security Captain King's task bar, angry Mullen and Mala, and soon went to 20, 20 after the king can choose to continue to do the task, you can also go to flames Valley Lian Ji, the family stronghold of Ma Lun, in the 30 bar that has been stayed. (Tip: base only supports 20 ~ 29, so the task on the base must pay attention to their own level fiesta gold, so as not to waste the experience oh (task = experience = money)

30 finally arrived and can also place, happy bar, the location of this Lianji Eidelin in the city out of the moonlight from the cemetery of the dead cemetery fiesta gold, although the music inside another terrible terrorist strange, 8-off experience, there are items are very rich, be offset by the fear of young minds bar, HOHO

Of the deceased in the cemetery of terror has been stayed 40, congratulations you again crossed a threshold, can leave deep burial of the deceased came to a new location through the vines by moonlight, graves cemetery to reach the camp and eventually enter the secret Goblin peaks fiesta gold

Finally, Tip: the task is to be done, especially when many of them repeat the task, several times more experience and money soon will come up (for example: 23 men of Ai grocer's mission to collect skins tasks, 35 High Priest Gist specter of persecution, 38 of Mrs. Micha Micha wife's anger, etc.)  fiesta money met a simple addition of the duplication of money and experience, be sure not to miss the task

Tip two: the wild to see trees and medicinal plants can be dug Do not let the digging, what wood, apples, herbs, Hua, leaving them altogether fiesta money , instead of receiving the task began to worry about than to prepare for early, saving time and effort

Tip three: Do not hit the synthetic material lost, even if their own do not need, the Society who also need to ah, do not want to send to a member of the Association to buy Ye Hao, using the words of cloud desert better than others, with their cheap cheap one of us fiesta money , and then Wood's words put me in as a shop NPC bar Moreover, the task requires a lot of material, sold only resort to that time, and much trouble

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