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Opinion on Fiesta Online Archer Poisons

Hello dear players , welcome to Our website!

This time I want to show you some pros and cons of the fiesta gold Online Archer Poison , what's the helpful side and useless side of it ? Read the following information :


1) Compounded damage.
2) Great in boss battles.
3) Clerics have to stop running to cure .
4) Great for instacast speed pulling (pull some monsters that are running for the cleric).
5) Damage the enemy while you're running/not attacking it. This is especially good in AoE parties before mist when you can TAB-2-TAB-3-TAB-4-TAB between multishots to get some nice extra damage. It also has extreme uses in pvp. Fighters are helpless before the running cast.


1) Archers can't stack their poisons. So if you have a party two archers would be worthless while two mages would be useful.
2) Another thing since the recent patch even more mobs are now immune to archers poisons and fiesta gold now even our AoE poison Stonies are an execllent example.
3) Now comes PvP, clerics are impossible to kill. That isn't striking new is it? What is new is now they can cure all of our poisons . AoE poison used to be uncurable, but now we are even more weaker then ever. Fighters can at least stun, Mages can double cast fear, clerics...well everyone knows clerics dont fight eachother, but archers? We can,t do anything.

Thank you for your attention !

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