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Fiesta Online Divorce Guide

Many people have the doubt on how to get divorce in Fiesta Online , read the following description you will know the whole divorce process and which divorce you should choose.

1. Which Divorce is Right For Your Situation?

There are two types of divorce: Uncontested and Collaborative.

Uncontested Divorce should be used if you suspect your spouse will not want to divorce you or your spouse's fiesta gold character has been deleted/banned. It will cost you about 1g (1 gold). Despite what some people have been saying, uncontested divorce is not instant in all cases. In my case, it took a total of 10 days for the uncontested divorce to complete processing. This is because the character I was married to was deleted and therefore unable to respond/log in. It was three days for the divorce to become finalized, and then another seven days before I could accept any proposals.

Collaborative Divorce is cheaper and instant when both parties apply for a collaborative divorce. fiesta online gold will cost both parties about 500s to get fiesta gold a Collaborative divorce. There is still a seven day cooldown period before you can accept any proposals.

2. What Happens When a Divorce Has Been Completed?

You will lose your Wedding Pet, Spouse Summon Skill and the Power of Love Buff.

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