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The Guide for Thread in Flyff

flyff penya) or on the Forum misrepresents the Game Masters or Moderators or say they know such-and-such GM or Moderators and will get you banned, please take a screenshot and send it by email for rev..


Flyff: Elementer Build and Psykeeper Build

flyff penya, one can absorb at nearly 200W of a number of silver coins, of course, depend on ability. There are just looking for good friends, a group of several people smoking are high, few people in..


Flyff Ringmaster guide

Flyff players. Hope you like it! In Flyff ,the Ringmaster is the other second job class for the Assist class.There is a basic Ringmaster guide for you.if you want to learn something from the guide ,ju..


Some Skill for Level30 - 50 in Flyff

Fly for Fun players, hope you like it.flyff penya) 30, you should start training on Hobos, Rock muscles, Burcows, and dumbulls. If you can, find a good level party to train with and level up high. Onc..


FlyFF Game Information

FlyFF the greatest feature of the game is Fly is the first flight in the game online games, completely rendered three-dimensional space properties. FlyFF role and a monster game followed a cartoon ver..


Flyff description

Flyff to you,hope you like it.Since created your account,you need choice the Flyff penya features an assortment of characters. You create the look and feel of your character and send him/her off to ba..