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Flyff: Elementer Build and Psykeeper Build

Flyff gold: the little say that, if a small size, it upgraded it, family and mentoring the token is the only way. If there are large, their own small brush on the line, a person earning two personal money, tokens open to large. Moreover, there are several packs to bring new models, leading to open double-double card, a small one hour will rise to 60 or more. There is the golden apple, three earned 1,200 gold coins a month. Of course, the family patriarch, may receive a salary according to popularity. These have found themselves gradually of pondering. Give us some power, 85 gold 1000 award, 100 of 5,000 gold coins, 105 gold coin is 7500, up!

Flyff chaotic place: low-level in the past is to kill people, this task very tough, but really a lot of flyff penya, one can absorb at nearly 200W of a number of silver coins, of course, depend on ability. There are just looking for good friends, a group of several people smoking are high, few people in that murder, it gave him a very bloody, but since out of this event, we can not do anything. Either do not do, or they want to approach it, survival of the fittest, Shidao so, the game even more.You can buy flyff penya.


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