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FlyFF Game Information

"FlyFF" the greatest feature of the game is "Fly" is the first flight in the game online games, completely rendered three-dimensional space properties. "FlyFF" role and a monster game followed a cartoon version of the route and the Q model, although the player must fight in the game, but the overall feeling is not the blood and violence Flyff penya, but fresh and lovely and the taste of a little naughty, even in the game all people have the strange sense of humor.
Flight Systems
Players to reach level 20, after, we will have seated or standing on skateboard on broom as the wizard-like ability to fly Flyff penya, free roaming throughout the gaming world, from the general plane activities. But the flight is not allowing the player to see the scenery, the strange face of a sudden the air, players can choose to fast-Fei Tao, or confront.
Theater System
Unlike ordinary online games of the Society, or gangs Flyff penya, "FlyFF" provided a "theater" of the team approach, and the theater itself, there is a growing function. First be the primary temporary troupe started in theater at level 10, after touring troupe can be promoted. With the theater's growth and expansion, members can also be learned only in the theater inside the only attack skill Flyff penya.
Compared with those in the game of the Society, more closely with each and every member within the group, gather everyone's centripetal force, and to enhance the exchange of players in the game, the distribution of goods made in sequence distribution and randomly assigned functions Flyff gold.
Tasks, props and maps
There are more than 20 kinds of games waiting for players to complete the task, but the game props, weapons, etc. are also very novel and diverse Flyff gold. Maps of the continent is currently open, complete, including Xin Shoucun "Bulalisi" and high mountain areas "St. Etymotic", "Handke" mainland.
Professional and role

At present "FlyFF" equipped with bravery and combat skills of the brave, gorgeous magic attacks, so that, with the backing of a strong capacity to those three kinds of professional clergy. The future will increase by two kinds of occupations, and to use transfer to expand its contents Flyff gold.

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