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Assassin is details in Grand Fantasia

In Grand Fantasia the player can choose when to switch from two professional assassins, and rangers. Line with the striker, assassins, and rangers all have a much more powerful than other professional hit with explosive force, and in the details it is different, players can choose their own preferences to the three turn professional.

Assassin , Professional Property: Department of the shooter, the assassin of the strength properties of high agility and body mass were relatively weaker Ranger.
Professional Profile: Assassin Renruqiming his way forward is to set up a move in the ambush and the foundation of the enemy, the powerful storm hit rate and dodge rate so that the enemy no place to hide under the shadow of his. Not only can use Swords, guns and long-range weapons(grand fantasia gold) like bows and arrows can play in one of his great power.
Professional direction: Attacks based on physical damage, some skills can be attached to an enemy attack property. Unique feature is the stealth ability, in stealth mode and can be a fatal blow to the enemy.

Advantages and disadvantages: Assassin's advantage to hide their surprise the enemy, powerful explosive and sensitive melee clever blend of speed, can in the shortest period of time to get rid of the enemy. Occupational disadvantage is low defenses, is not suitable for long-term war of attrition, Grand Fantasia Gold if not destroy the enemy as soon as possible, then the best choice retreat.You can buy grand fantasia gold.


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