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Best way of making money in Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia. It will definitely affect you level(Cheap Grand Fantasia Gold) up. Keep doing all these quests you see for the extra money and fame!Grand Fantasia Gold Newsletter that will be sent to ..


Weapon Tip for Grand Fantasia players

grand fantasia gold). Also 2 handed axes tend to give stats bonus in Str, vit and sometimes agi, while two handed swords tend to have bonus on agi, str and vit.buy grand fantasia gold.


Latest Methods play Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia guide. Brushes XD: level 80 and above FS + 3 brushes XD fly open 10 hours a day, down will be able to have 300 buy gold plus RP can brush more than 4, the experience, there are over 2 m..


Sooty Sources in Grand Fantasia

Mountain Collection: immortal trees, years of valuable wood does not rot, is not only excellent hardness and elastic enough, and has good magic in Grand Fantasia, very rare material. Fam Collection: B..


Assassin is details in Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia the player can choose when to switch from two professional assassins, and rangers. Line with the striker, assassins, and rangers all have a much more powerful than other professional hi..


Grand Fantasia Opens New Server, New Features

Grand Fantasia. Not only does this new server offer a fresh start in the world of Saphael to Grand Fantasia players old and new, but a wealth of new game features have debuted there as well, changing ..