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Sooty Sources in Grand Fantasia

Vegetation class
Mountain Collection: immortal trees, "years of valuable wood does not rot, is not only excellent hardness and elastic enough, and has good magic in Grand Fantasia, very rare material."
Fam Collection: Blue Dragon Leaves "Nagarjuna on the blue falling leaves, attached to the surface of carved dragons, each leaf is said to have the soul of places with a Dragon." Lake external collection: Feng Ren Miscanthus sinensis "As long as gently shake the will send Fengren to cut people's silver grass, fresh blood for the nutrients, the plant is very cruel." Big Jungle Collection: 10,000 branches ring showing a number of trunk center of the circle, only in a strong magnetic field or disorder interference powers the growth of trees in the environment, there is this fantastic ring(grand fantasia gold).

Ore type
Mountain Exploration: Interfax ore "section of ore texture is like the special ore Dragon shape, hardness is very high, is good material for manufacturing equipment."Fam Explore: Holy Metal "by the divine power of the divine blessing purified metals, materials and manufacturing methods are unknown, said to have rid of things is not the magic of the net." Deep-sea exploration: deep sea ice, "from the land of arctic sea ice, covered with a thick layer of ice, but deep under the pressure of time because the ice-free conditions, with generally the same as a stone, it is difficult to be explored in game (buy grand fantasia gold). " Center of the earth to explore: hot core of the earth in a very hot environment, to form a hot core of the earth, the surface will continue to emit fiery hot, too harsh due to the formation conditions, it is full of treasures mining is not easy.


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