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Kal-Online Basic Info 4


Introduction of Mix System

It's a weapon upgrading system that you can Kal Online or make a new upgraded weapon.

Instruction of Mixing Weapons

1.You may give a new skill to your weapon or make a new weapon by mixing your weapon with kalonline geons (another weapon, armor, and elemental stones) through the Mix Master

2. Mixing weapons only can be done on the Grade 40 or higher Grade of weapons.

3. When mixing is failed, main weapon item's endurance will be decreased (5~10). If the weapon's endurance is lower than the decrement.

4. The elemental stone and the money will be disappeared no matter it failed or succeeded.

5. Weapon's endurance can be increased with the fixing tool kal online geons from the merchant.

6. All the status of the weapon will be stayed.

Introduction and Instruction of Upgrading Weapon

You may upgrade your weapon by mixing the weapon with other items and your weapon will have a new skill and a new effect. Success of mixing items is decided by the certain percentage of the each grade of weapon.

The Weapon can be upgraded up to 2nd level and when the weapon reaches to the 2nd level, it can be kalonline geon one more time with the payed items (from the official website).


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