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Last Chaos Guide: Upgrade Method

In LastChaos, from Prokion Temple, to Speerman, to level 100 Zombies. This is only if you have the armor and sp to buy from the item mall. Be patience and buy their bogo items or rebate ones. That is a way how to level fast. Then if you can not kill Speerman, then work your way up slowly. Remember to shop and sell to buy stuff to kill now. Go to Strayana to buy the Great Mana Potions now at the Merchant.

Maybe there is not a need for power leveling(last chaos gold) as this by passes making sp for your skills. But some people want to level fast to acquire a new skill and plan to get their sp later. There are also certain people who have power leveled for saking any sp what so ever just to attain a high level. But there is one thing. Do not power level till at least you are level 35. The reason is that you will going to the infamous Eghea "Demon Parties" or "Bogle parties." Here is where you can really power level per se.You can buy last chaos gold.

Before in Merac or Dratan, you may have gotten like possibly 100k a kill. But in Eghea, the number may be 300k to 600k a kill, and that is for starting off at Bogle parties. The Demon parties may start from 600k on up now, depending on number in the party and levels. Maybe you are a high roller getting like 800k a kill. At level 37, went on one demon party and was making about 5% a kill. But that only took you about 2 hours to level up as it went quick. Your may just want to level to get your new skill, Triple Bash at level(lastchaos gold) 38. Then when you do, you will spent a whole week in jail sp farming to get the level 5.


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