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Last Chaos Information for Master Stone

Dear players, welcome to www.mmook.com. And here we will introduce you the Master Stone in Last Chaos, if you do not know more about that, please read on. And this is not an item. While this is a custom upgrade done by a GM.

This will add a single or double plus to any gear. Also, that is the only permanent way to get an item to a plus above +15. It is possible by means of this upgrade to get an item(last chaos money) to +25 permanently. This is an extremely rare opportunity.

If you qualify for a Master Stone upgrade, which is possible only as the result of a promotion(last chaos gold), submit a ticket via the Contact, there are some information you need to know, such as your account name, character holding gear, name, seals and + of gear to be upgraded.

Other conditions may apply, such as how long you have to claim your upgrade, and so on. You'll have to find the promotion information(lastchaos gold), usually on a "node" page which is accessible from the Calendar of Events and the thread listing those who have qualified, which should also indicate any other conditions, such threads are usually linked in the "node" page which gives details of the promotion. By the way, here is the cheapest Last Chaos powerleveling service.You can buy last chaos gold.


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