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The Reign of Terror in Lastchaos

In LastChaos, the Knights and Titans continued to fight amongst one another, after the Gods retreated. The mortal races attempted to gain control of Iris, such as Titans versus Knights, Mages versus Healers and Rogues versus Sorcerers. Friends became foes in a constant shifting of alliances. After much bloodshed, humans and elves began retreating to rebuild their homes and lives, leaving the armies of the Knights and Titans, which were mortal following Eres' abandonment, to battle for Iris. A period of relative peace was bestowed upon Iris, after cenuries of fighting.

The different classes( last chaos gold) of Iris to band together caused by news of a threat to the North caused. Knights, Titans, Mages, Rogues, and Healers came together to discuss the possible threats, while Sorcerers refused to take part, and ending in disarray leaving no alliances between the classes. The Sorcerers remain outsiders and a mystery to the other Irisians.You can buy last chaos gold.



Greed and fear have sown the seeds of terror, there are countless fighting, bloody betrayls and insaitiable ambitions. Iris had fallen under the Reign of Terror. The Race Wars had begun. Now you can choice, support Apollon in an attempt to save Iris and its inhabitants, or help Eres in his mission to destroy the world he so carefully crafted. We provide you lastchaos gold, just have a try with this game.


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