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The Game Guide of LOCO

LOCO: Having the possibility to remap the keyboard layout is a great thing according to the fact that the keyboard layout in Europe depends of the country.
Some are using qwerty keyboards and some azerty keyboards for example. We have not found how to delete characters. So assuming that you can not do so you will only have the possibility to test 2 characters if you complete the tutorial (only 1 otherwise).

This is a quite frustrating way to force you tu buy extra character(Loco Gold) cards in the cash shop probably. The game is decent and you will enjoy playing it as far as other good action/tower defense MMO are not yet distributed in Europe or North America. But it may gets repetitive and loose interest rapidly. We are a bit disappointed but the game deserves to be tested to make your own opinion about it.

Stella’s early game really sucks. We are both squishy, and melee, which means that we have a hell of a time making any money from the creeps in our lane. Essentially we run up, hit them to apply poison, and hope it kills them while we run away potting off the shots that we just got from the enemy Randy/Minity/VMB/Laair. If they let you freefarm, great, you will make a ton of money in Loco Coins. But they probably will not.

The rule for early game is to level(Land of Chaos Online Gold) your slow as soon as possible. Pass up your stun, pass up your ult, you want your slow to be level 3 when your Stella hits 6. This skill at max level is the best slow in the game, it lasts longer than it’s cooldown, it slows by a beastly 150 MS, and the damage is pretty damned good, it only takes 3 skill points.


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