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LOCO Guide for Items

Stella has an attack speed and attack damage selfbuff in Land of Chaos Online, and all of her lategame are based on her auto attacking ability gained from them. With this in mind, we will focus on attack damage and critical rate. Before we get started, note that this is just an outline. Always build to counter your enemy.

Starting items(Loco Gold):
Greater Healing Potion.
Healing Potion.
Mana Potion.

Mid Game Items:
Vampiric Brooch.
Bloody Reaper Claw.
Skill Immunity Bracelet (if feeling squishy)

Late Game Items:
Wind Brooch.
Bloody Reaper Shawl.
Strength Crown.
Anti-Building Pearl.

If the game drags on and on, you should just build to counter the problems you're having. If a VMB's clones are chewing you up, magic defense. If a Randy keeps ult comboing you, make a blue pearl (for the ranged damage reduction) and so on.

For skills, take poison at level 1, then use the following priorities.
1. Slow
2. Asura Dance
3. Stun
4. Poison
5. Flex slot (take Holy against lots of disables, otherwise your attack speed)


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