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LOCO Guide for Modes

Land of Chaos Online, whenever you are near the store you can buy the items cheaper but if you move away from store you are still able to buy items but it costs alot more.Loco Gold), Defense and MP by..


LOCO Guide for Items

Land of Chaos Online, and all of her lategame are based on her auto attacking ability gained from them. With this in mind, we will focus on attack damage and critical rate. Before we get started, note..


The Game Guide of LOCO

LOCO: Having the possibility to remap the keyboard layout is a great thing according to the fact that the keyboard layout in Europe depends of the country. Some are using qwerty keyboards and some aze..


Mass Effect 3 Wishlist

Land of Chaos Online got a brand-new character in the form of the sultry succubus Lacrimosa -- players who can start luring opponents into Lacrimosas dainty-yet-demonic clutches today.Loco Gold), but ..


Land of Chaos Online Review - DotA With A New Perspective 1

Land of Chaos Online (LOCO) is a multiplayer online strategy game hosted by Alaplaya that mixes RPG and third person action to create new gaming experience like never before. While LOCO is unique in s..


LOCO: Hopping Mad Easter Event

Land of Chaos Online: Kalimah. Players everywhere can now try out this undead killers ranged abilities firsthand as they participate in the egg-filled Easter festivities. Happy Hunting!LOCO Gold regul..