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Metal Assault: Closed Beta Starting

Online games publisher Aeria Games has announced that they are going to be launching their free-to-play zombie shooter, Metal Assault, into the Closed Beta testing phase starting. That means it is time for you to geared to the teeth and prepare to take on the zombie hordes. 

Metal Assault Spring is here and with the changing of the seasons, the Closed Beta testing phase of Metal Assault is set to begin. Aeria Games is planning for the game to launch into the next stage of development – let’s just hope they are pulling one over on us!

You can still register to participate in the Closed Beta testing phase by going to the Metal Assault website. By registering, you will be entered for a chance to receive a Closed Beta key that will allow you to start shooting up zombies before anyone else.

Metal Assault is a free-to-play, client-based game that puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Fight off endless hordes of zombies (Metal Assault gold)with a huge arsenal at your disposal while teaming up with friends for even more intense action or take on other players in intense PvP action!

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