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MMO Action Shooter Metal Assault Blasts into Closed Beta

Aeria Games today assured eager players that it's not an elaborate April Fool's Day joke-Metal Assault officially opens its battlefields to Closed Beta participants.

Bullets are just the beginning in this fast-paced, frenzied action shooter. Select a character from 4 player classes, blaze through missions, and conquer bosses to discover the truth behind a mysterious underground military lab explosion in the City of HERZ. Bulk up your weaponry and armor as you blast through waves of enemy troops in Metal Assault's PvE, PvP, and Co-Op game modes.

Metal Assault's Closed Beta testing period is packed with a plethora of fun events for players(Metal Assault gold):

In Game Events – Win Exclusive CB and OB Reward packages, AP Prizes, EXP and Upgrade Licenses in exciting PvP and Rank contests.
Forum Contests – Collect exclusive CB wallpapers, design a Metal Assault Poster or submit your coolest gun design idea for in-game awards and AP prizes!
Facebook/Twitter – Daily Metal Assault Trivia Questions, prize raffles, and ongoing number of “Likes” contests throughout the CB period!

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