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Wyrmrest Vanquisher guides in Metin2

Metin2, you can choose a build by yourself.Do you need to buy goods for your character in metin2 yang?metin2 yang, you can choose at out website. The saft servies, cheap price and fast delivery are wa..


The forging of equipment in Metin2

Metin2, improvement of property and equipment to enhance equipment performance.metin2 yang), the system will automatically update dialog box pops up that prompts you to upgrade that takes the number o..


Metin2 making money guide

Metin2 guide about money making.If you want to own much more money,I think the guide is useful for you.Please read it up.So lets start with the basics.metin2 yang.These are : Farming upgrading materia..


Tips for Refining Metin2 Ores

metin2 yang if you think it is necessary , so how to refine them and where can you refine them ? Read the tips delow and you will clear about the processes !Metin2 gold for payment .Thats about it , h..