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Wyrmrest Vanquisher guides in Metin2

In Metin2, you can choose a build by yourself.Do you need to buy goods for your character in metin2 yang?

Here are some Wyrmrest Vanquisher guides in Metin2 and I got it from other websites.

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You can use this Wyrmrest Vanquisher everywhere in the Dragon Wastes, which means we basically have a flying mount for a big chunk of the map, and we're going to make the most of it.

On other hand, you could send your water elemental first and let him tank as much as possible, used icy veins and a trinket and burned him down as fast as possible. Either run away while he channels it or use something like cloak of shadows, divine shield, ice block. Summon your drake and fly south to (67,70). There you should find another magnataur called Bloodfeast.

I collect 5 builds and post them below. Of course, these information is only tips for metin yang  players.

Have a good day at metin2 yang ....

1st build is 2:1 DEX:STR .. ( Pve build )
The Good : this build is the typical build of Assassins and is used by most of them , It deals high amount of damage and supports you with good evasion .
The Bad :cann't tank more than 2 groups , very low hp , won't survive in nation and guild wars .

2nd build is 2:1 DEX:CON .. ( Pvp and Pve )
The Good : this build is IMHO the best for Dagger Assassins and with a good upgraded weapon u will beable to deal decent damage , also you will have better defense and decent hp .
The Bad : at 1st with no upgraded weapon u may feel ur damage is abit crappy but believe me , its going to pay u back later on .

3rd build is 2:1 STR:CON .. ( Pvp and Pve .. killer in pvp if played right )
The Good : very good damage , enough metin2 yang hp to keep you alife in pvp and lvling .You can  buy yang.

The Bad : Dex effects evasion and evasion effects your defense , but you don't have any , which means low defense .


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