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The forging of equipment in Metin2

The purpose of forging equipment is its upgrade for Metin2, improvement of property and equipment to enhance equipment performance.

In the "free world" by a variety of methods for forging weapons and equipment upgrades and other items, including the most basic way is through the main city of the "king of the blacksmith" in; 2 NPC Wang came to the village blacksmith, we use the left mouse Click column need to upgrade key equipment items, drag and drop to the king who blacksmith(metin2 yang), the system will automatically update dialog box pops up that prompts you to upgrade that takes the number of gold and materials.



Click OK, the system will prompt you to upgrade failure will result if items disappear,you can buy yang, you can then consider whether it can withstand the blow of failure to upgrade, and then confirmed; Click "Yes" to upgrade after forging, the system will notify you later upgrade is successful, if successful, the upgraded equipment will automatically be put into the column of your goods; If the upgrade fails, and equipment will disappear in game(metin yang).


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