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Perpetuum Online in the magician

Master cents because I was so focused on Perpetuum this brief cents Master.

In many people’s eyes, Master cents worse than the magician too much in terms of skills. It is not. Here about my own feelings: Perhaps in the past, Sin Master magician to a lot less than that. Because it is a focus on the era of personal heroism. Mages will withstand a few people like to play one. Indeed in that case, good Master magician to more than cents.


In contrast now, to no one in this field in the singles age who beat to death. Master Sin has begun showing off the advantages of finally out. Very balanced resistance, the city battle of adequate strength. These Perpetuum Nic advantages can be seen. As for the skills of comparison, the water dragon and a true real Xuanbing seminal appear. Master Sin is so excited. Only these two skills, enough to make the penny now as a whole is better than Master magician.
Sin fact, many people misunderstood the intention of the Master, it is actually not a single person for PK’s career. Yes, in groups, a cent can play the Master to his advantage! Many fairy friends often do not think they singled out to win others, and even he was much better equipped than I have Perpetuum Gold to beat him, and the resulting waste idea Sin is the Master. The idea of course is a big mistake! Gu Xiang Yu once said: "learn to learn people are the enemy." Fighting this fight in the city with a large-scale scenes all occupational activities, fairy Master, did better than the magician. Magician take control line, take the cents should be the balance of the Master line of course!



Equipment Type Categories:
Perfect accordance with the current equipment in the overall world view, can rank the evening class Master classes Master and eight were about contrast. Of course, here referring to the evening clothes, plus pants, Perpetuum Nic plus 4D Ziya and eight dress pants rank the relative ratio of the weapons.

Now more and more high-level mage, for various reasons did not engage in 8 rank, but the use of 4D +5 installing a set of the evening and Ziya. In fact the whole, from RMB spent two or WMB, the difference is not significant. And I think that the evening class of the rank of Master and eight Master of comparable equipment is not very high.


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