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Perpetuum Online Release Date - OMG ROBOTS!

Perpetuum Online is set to release this November. Avatar Creations, a Hungarian games company, will be bringing it's mmo offering, dubbed by some to be a cross between EVE and Mechwarrior, to gamers on the the 25th of November, 2010.

The upcoming game's client will be available as a free download, with pricing of 30 day subscriptions set at €8.95/$9.95 Perpetuum Nic depending on the region.


30 day subscriptions will go on sale from November 16th. Early Access subscriptions will still be available up to that point(Perpetuum Online Nic).

Gear up, mechheads -- Perpetuum Online has officially launched. As of yesterday, November 25th, Avatar Creations' massively multiplayer sandbox is open for business. Early access accounts have been disabled, and you'll need to pony up for the $9.95 subscription fee in order to continue carving out humanity's destiny on the planet Nia. Newly created accounts will receive two weeks' worth of extension points (the Perpetuum Gold game's skill point currency) for free, though a press release on the official website states that this offer will be for an "undetermined period."


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