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Perpetuum Online. We get the information from other site, in order to make you happy with a more excited life in Perpetuum Online, hope you like it.Perpetuum Nic) types Weight increased by 40%. Level ..


Perpetuum: The Great Big Revamp

Perpetuum Online)Perpetuum Nic)as well as tweaks to beta outposts and a large helping of what Avatar calls industrialist love. Calvin does point out that new features will be taking something of a bac..



Perpetuum?What is an MMORPG?Perpetuum Nic players can be simultaneously (Perpetuum Nic)involved in the action. A unique feature of Perpetuum is that while most other MMORPGs run multiple parallel serv..


Perpetuum Online Release Date - OMG ROBOTS!

Perpetuum Online is set to release this November. Avatar Creations, a Hungarian games company, will be bringing its mmo offering, dubbed by some to be a cross between EVE and Mechwarrior, to gamers on..


Perpetuum: More Than Just Mechs

Perpetuum Online: Terra Incognita is a new subscription based sci-fi MMORPG from Avatar Creations. The game focuses on the concept of companies/conglomerates trying to get the most resources out of th..


Perpetuum Online in the magician

Perpetuum Nic advantages can be seen. As for the skills of comparison, the water dragon and a true real Xuanbing seminal appear. Master Sin is so excited. Only these two skills, enough to make the pen..