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Descriptions of Class in RF Online

Each class have their own advantages which must be taken in to consideration before choosing what you wish your character to be.

The Warrior is a superb close quarter combat player being able to take a lot of damage or even deal damage if they choose their class appropriately.You can Buy RF Online.

Rangers are a long range damage dealer having a slightly heightened health point ratio over the Spiritualist. However the class deals slightly less damage in comparison to the Spiritualist class.

The Specialist class sacrifices its tier 2 and 3 RF Online Gold sets for the ability to craft armor, weapons, and ammo within the game. These crafters can be invaluable assets to have within a guild, providing rangers with their necessary ammo to fight different types of Monsters throughout Novus and creating all the members of your guild's next sets of armor and weaponry.

Spiritualists are the highest damage-dealing class within RF Online(rf gold), especially for the Cora race. The Cora specialize in the magical arts and can summon Animus using their distinct knowledge of the Force. However due to the extreme firepower of the Spiritualist and their focus on strengthening their mind their bodies are a lot weaker and frail in comparison to the Warrior or Ranger classes(rf money).


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