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Fae Yule Trailer

Rift Gold), but in reality, arent that useful. Balm of the Woods is extremely lackluster for a self-heal with a cooldown. Shield of Oak, like Glacial Shield, is essentially useless except while leveli..


Tripping the Rift at the Beach !

Rift Gold)Swapping the brain-cell-shattering sport of boxing for some classic adventure gameplay is the latest game from Jane Jensen--Gray Matter. Staying close to the point-and-click style of gamepla..


Rift Producer Explains Upcoming Balance Changes

Rifts Soul system, the balance part can tend to be a little trickier than most. With the upcoming 1.1 patch, several Souls will be getting some balance work and as you might expect, the forums are abl..


Defending the Rift: Is It Worth Playing

Rift and a lot of people do not seem to like it for some reason or another and because of that there is a lot of trash talk about the game. This is a short reply to all those complains and an answer t..


Players can invite friends to join Rift free game client

Rift: Te Lana new domain of God , inviting new players to join, you can let your friends for free game client , as long as your friends in the Ascend-a-Friend program registered under , he will let yo..


RIFT Prepares Next Patch: The Spoils of War

RIFT is in full release. Starting now, players will begin to find strange dragon egg shells and coins raining into the capitol cities in the Spoils of War prelude event. These mysterious objects are t..


Rift Kicks off Six-Month Celebration Events on August 25

Rift Gold Executive Producer. What better way to say thanks than to kick the doors open and add even more rewards for our subscribers?Bonus Experience - Your blood-lust is rewarded with bonus experien..