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Fae Yule Trailer

The Druid class seems to be a little lost and confused, these days. Originally designed as a melee pet class, Druid melee DPS falls consistently behind Shaman DPS, and while the Druid’s Satyr can pump out some decent AoE damage, the faerie pet, even the greater faerie, doesn’t put out enough healing to warrant it a spot as anything except a vanity pet in a weird-looking costume.

Adding to the crisis, Druids have a mixed bag of attacks and abilities that may have originally sounded good on paper(Rift Gold), but in reality, aren’t that useful. Balm of the Woods is extremely lackluster for a self-heal with a cooldown. Shield of Oak, like Glacial Shield, is essentially useless except while leveling. Bombard deals decent ranged damage, but deals earth damage, which means it doesn’t have synergy with many other Druid abilities, Shaman abilities, Inquisitor abilities, or Justicar abilities. And most RIFT builds revolve around synergy.

Natural Dedication would be a nice bonus to having a Druid in a raid, but an Archon in the raid brings the same exact buff. And how often does a progression raid go without an Archon? Many of the Druid’s unique abilities such as Stone Burst, Slumber, Grim Silence, Slothful Spirit, and Spiteful Spirit are interesting for small group and PvP purposes, but the total lack of self healing and survivability leaves the class quite weak in PvP. Random utility abilities don’t stand a chance in most PvP situations in comparison to the popular hybrid -icar builds(Cheap Rift Gold).


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