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Rift Producer Explains Upcoming Balance Changes

Balance adjustments and fine-tuning are a constant in MMORPGs and with Rift's Soul system, the balance part can tend to be a little trickier than most. With the upcoming 1.1 patch, several Souls will be getting some balance work and as you might expect, the forums are ablaze with the usual rage quitting threats and claims of foul play. Then you have people like me, which view it as just another way to challenge your ability to play. And that's really good thing.

In his latest post, Rift Producer Adam Gershowitz offered an overview of some of the planned changes. It seems that some of the abilities in the offensive warrior line have been misbehaving and will get a few tweaks in the update. Also on the operating table is the saboteur, which when combined with certain other Souls as Gershowitz put it, "were taking things a bit too far", so expect to see a little tweaking there but the kabloey builds should still be fun and viable.

Lastly, our dear mages will be getting a little love by way of survivability and DPS boosts. This will also come with some adjustments to other classes, (Rift Gold)which it seems may have been accidently posted with last night's hotfix notes and since removed.


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