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Rohan: Conquer the Fire Temple

Rohan features, if you have not known much about this game that you can have a look.Through Soul of merchant item, and that can be obtained for free, dependant on success rate which can also lead to f..


Two Rohan Magic Stones Types

2. Skill re-set stoneWhat is the name of number one stone in English. I have no clue OTL, but what does it do? As you level your skills(rohan gold), you will find out that the max you can get to is le..


Rohan Game New Information

You know that rohan crone is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The game is a rich and expansive persistent online world, set on the continent of game. The land is full of quests to emb..


Rohan: World Map

Rohan Continent is a terrain created by main god Ohn to present to mother goddess Edoneh.In this massive terrain, Ohns first creation, climates and topographies run the gamut.rohan crone , with Elves ..