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Rohan: Conquer the Fire Temple

Here we introduce you some Rohan features, if you have not known much about this game that you can have a look.

Soul of merchant item
Through Soul of merchant item, and that can be obtained for free, dependant on success rate which can also lead to failure when applied in which means the user will not be left disadvantaged.

Commission sales
For all those low level users who have not obtained skill(rohan gold) of merchants, it is a good way to sell items through NPCs on commission base and getting notified of sales-completion while hunting.

Enchanced monster AI
Through Link AI and Help AI, monsters share their attacking properties so when one monster is being attacked, other monsters nearby will assist the attacked monsters so that attributed attacks and deathblows can be used in a more tactical way.

Level down enchant system
This is a feature that lets users decrease the level(rohan crone) restrictions of certain items that they would normally, due to their low level, not be able to use.

Item mixing system
With the feature of merging items like potions, rare items and unique items the game is more complex and brings more dicversity to the game.



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