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Two Rohan Magic Stones Types

There are two types of stones in rohan crone. let me introduce them for you. Hopefully the article can help you. Read up. You will learn something from it. If you have any questions. Feel free to contact our customer service by live chat. We will help you there. And if you need to order rohan crone from our website.

1. Max. break through stone
2. Skill re-set stone

a. Stone number 1
What is the name of number one stone in English. I have no clue OTL, but what does it do? As you level your skills(rohan gold), you will find out that the max you can get to is level 5. But is it. Anyway, so the stone is basically level(rohan crone) up your skill to level 6 by chance, slot machine again, and the chance of getting it upgraded. Sad story. You can only have one stone for every skill you have that you simply drag the stone to the skill you wish to increase, you can use it when ever you wish, don't have to be level 5. If you fail, like most of the time, you get to retry it again, and again, till you get it right that probably take you 5~9 to get one skill up to 6.

b. Skill re-set stone
because of the unique style of adding skills that skill tree, sometimes you might want to change your skill a bit rohan crone , so here comes the skill re-set stone. and again by chance, you get all your skills point back if you succeed, and if you already used skill upgrade stone, it stays there, but unable to use until you get the requiring skills up to level 1.


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