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Runes of Magic ‘Secret of the Goblin Mine’ Coming Soon

Frogster announced that it will soon deliver new content for Runes of Magic, with the large patch, ‘Secret of the Goblin Mine.’ The update expands the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) world with among other things, the ‘Goblin Mine,’ a new mini-game. There is also a new weapon quest series being added to the game.

The ‘Goblin Mine’ solo adventure sends the adventurer into a cave full of pesky green creatures, as well as some weird and wonderful elemental beings. Players have 30 minutes in which to perform three tasks inside the dungeon. They are allowed just one attempt per day to do this, and anyone who dies during the adventure, loses their chance for the day. Those who succeed, receive rare armor recipes and handcrafted objects from the treasure chests at the end of the dungeon. There are also two new titles to reward particularly diligent Goblin hunters, one of which being ‘Goblin Hero.’

Along with the ‘Secret of the Goblin Mine’ patch, an epic weapon quest series is also being implemented for all players. Tasks which demand everything from players and their companions are a part of the toughest quest series that Runes of Magic Gold has to offer. But, the effort will be worth it. Players who manage to come out on top, battling against Taborea’s most challenging opponents, will find themselves rewarded with some legendary weapons at the end of their travels.

Now, players in Runes of Magic Gold have the chance to cultivate plants in their own homes. Seeds and pots of varying quality define the yield of the plants as they grow. So only those who regularly water and fertilize their crops will find they have a harvest in three to seven days. If players neglect their plants, they’ll shrink after a few days. Once the plants have grown, players will see a reward for their labor. Together with ore and wood, there is even a rare blue handwork material which can be harvested.

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