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The Guide for Mobs in Runes of Magic

Mobs are placed in three categories, Regular, Elite, and Crown Bosses. You can tell what type of mob it is by viewing their target info in the upper middle of the screen. Regular mobs have just a level(Runes of Magic Gold) by their portrait. They can be killed by a solo player or in groups with ease. They drop trash loot most of the time, but every once in awhile they drop white or green gear.

Very rarely do they drop blues or purples. Elite Mobs have a gold eagle border around their portrait and their level(runes of magic gold). They also can be Quest Bosses too. They are stronger and best taken out with a party of at least six members. They drop white and green gear, rarely blues, and most inhabit a dungeon or instance. Crown Bosses are the hardest.

They are noted by the golden eagle border and instead of level number, they have crowns instead. These mobs have a load of HP and have high damage output. It is best to take a raid party of 20 or more rom gold people against these. Some have bravely beaten them with just a party, but takes awhile. They drop white, green, blue, rare and epic gear a lot and sometimes a rare monster card.

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