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Time to Celebrate – It's the Two Year Anniversary!

Two years ago, the free-to-play MMORPG, Runes of Magic, went online and now it is time to celebrate the occasion! Publisher Frogster Online Gaming is going to be hosting events inside and outside the world to get you involved in this huge milestone for any game.

 you will be able to participate in the celebration of the two year anniversary of Runes of Magic(runes of magic gold). Frogster Online Gaming (Throne of Fire, Bounty Bay Online) is offering multiple ways for you to get in on the action that range from a picture contest to a Great Frog Hunt, with all of them offering special rewards.

If you can provide the best picture of some of the GM's that will be randomly popping up in Runes of Magic in the coming days, then you have a chance to get a great prize pack. Simply follow the photo rules and post it in the forum, and who knows, maybe you'll take first prize! You can also try your hand at the(rom gold) Great Frog Hunt where you must collect 50 coins from the evil frogs of the Frog Plague, which you can turn in for a great reward as well.

In addition to other events, the easiest one of all has the chance of winning a great, permanent mount. Simply log on every day to receive your free Birthday Gasha. Every one of the Gasha’s has something special inside, but the ultimate reward is the Permanent Snow Ferret Mount.You can buy runes of magic gold.


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