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Good news for Rose Online players

The previous Storage Expansion Tab in the Item Mall is now free to use, granting players an instant 40 extra slots in their Storage. New Storage tabs have also been added for players to purchase in the mall for even more space. The patch also makes several fixes and adds a few new chat commands to make chatting even easier for players.

ROSE Online is the follow-up title to Gravity’s hugely successful MMORPG, Arua Rose Zuly, which has amassed over 25 million users worldwide. ROSE will attempt to become the next monster hit from the group out of aruarose zulie.

Geared to the teen and tween rose online zulie player, ROSE Online caters to an audience largely untapped by other persistent world games. The game provides a safe, family-friendly game world for today’s youth looking for an atypical MMORPG option.

ROSE will thrust players into a deep storyline and involve them immediately, encouraging building community. Players will have the option to form groups, or guilds, to compete for dominion over the seven planets within the rose online zulie galaxy. The title will focus on epic battles with catastrophic implications, rather than small-scale confrontations. Instead of losing control of a castle, guilds will have to contend with losing control of their world.

Kings will emerge, and kingdoms will be created as players begin to maneuver their way through a social, political and economic labyrinth within the rose online zulie game. The one who can put all seven planets under their control will become the most powerful force in the universe(Arua Rose Zulie).

"We wanted to create a vibrant forum for our players to interact in a way that is compelling yet non-threatening," Peter Kang, Executive Director of Gravity Interactive, said. "A aruarose zulie game of grand proportions requires a large playground; we chose a solar system."

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