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ROSE Online adds Storage Expansion

Korea-based Gravity, developer of Ragnarok Online, has recently announced that their self-developed MMORPG ROSE Online is being applied in American elementary schools' math education.

This is part of the program jointly carried out by Gravity Interactive, Gravity's legal entity in USA, and JungHyun Wee, exchange professor of UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and head of Korea Cultural Operation & Research Institute. La Ballona Elementary School, located in Culver City, California,  rose online zulie, is just the one that pioneered the program.

Since Sep. 27, Glearning ROSE Math based on ROSE Online has been applied in the math teaching for the grade 5 primary school students, who should have related courses for 5 weeks (2 hours every day). This is the first time Professor JungHyun Wee has applied the teaching method, which he developed in 2003, in America's public education(aruarose zulie). The Board of Education in Culver City and the local education circle show great concerns about the Glearning software that integrates both educational and entertaining elements.


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